Wednesday, August 1 - Saturday, August 4, 2018

Pemi Volunteers




Considering becoming a Pemi Valley Bluegrass Festival Volunteer?
Read, sign up, Help Out!  We need a few people! The application process is below.

The Pemi Valley Bluegrass Festival happens the first weekend in August at the Sugar Shack campground in Thornton, NH. The festival started in 1994 at the Branch Brook Campground moving to the Sugar Shack Campground in 2008. The festival has grown larger each year.  We have always been known as having a small friendly staff and everyone works really well together.  The staff is the heartbeat of our organization. We could not do what we do without them! Volunteering at Pemi Valley is an opportunity to meet people who share the love of festivals, teamwork, and at the same time enjoy great music.

Let us know if you are interested helping us out. Volunteer job descriptions are listed below.

Essential Information on Volunteering
• Must be 18 years old or older.
• Read the Pemi Valley Bluegrass volunteer position descriptions for details to determine what position will best suit you.
• Complete the Volunteer online application below. Indicate positions of most interested to you
• Must be able to work at least three hours per day (Wednesday – Sunday)
• Volunteers will report to the Volunteer Coordinator at the beginning of their shift

To maintain satisfactory volunteer status, volunteers must:
• Treat with others with respect, as you would want to be treated
• Be punctual and considerate of others' time
• Complete all shifts assigned by your volunteer coordinator
• Arrive for your assignment clean, sober and ready to do your job
• Always be willing to lend a helping hand to our attendees or other volunteers
• Know the Festival guidelines and assure our attendees and volunteers abide by them

Click Here for Online Volunteer Application

Volunteers from previous years will have the first chance to work in the area they choose.
If you want to volunteer and plan to bring your children, arrange for a friend or relative to watch them while you are working.  If you volunteer you need to come prepared for any type of weather (it could be really hot, wet, cold, beautiful or extremely happy)

Bus Driver (Valid Drivers License Required)
• Drive a continuous loop throughout the campground transporting people to and from the stage

Green Room Attendant

• Get each member of the band to sign the border of the picture
• Protect the Instruments
• Protect the performers. Please ask people to not bother the performers before they go on stage.
• Make are there is coffee and supplies
• Ensure water bucket is full and cups are available
• Keep the supply table clean

Back Lot Parking Gate
(Requires Standing and Walking)
• Direct people with handicap plates/stickers to handicap parking
• Direct bands to band parking
• Direct others to park in day parking if appropriate

Shower Attendant
• Get money bag from Festival Office
• Collect shower fee ($2)
• Ask people to take a quick shower
• Offer a reminder when five minutes is up

Front Gate (Requires Walking and Standing)
• Greet attendees as they enter
• Collect/Sell Tickets
• Put wristbands on attendees
• Provide copy of festival guide
• Monitor vehicles as they depart or re-enter

Pre-Festival Set-Up and Post Festival Clean-Up

• Must be physically fit
• Stage set-up and breakdown
• Moving heavy sound equipment
• Trash Clean-up
• Driving Stakes
• Painting lines

Volunteers will be required to purchase a ticket but will be compensated $10/hour for every hour worked. 12 hours equals free admission to the Festival. 4 hours per day is the minimum shift. This will keep us in compliance with NH state laws and keep it fair for all of our volunteers. We appreciate each and every hour you work with us.

Click Here for Online Volunteer Application

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